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To all Amigans

HiQ are please to announce the release of the Siamese System v2.0 software
including the much talked about Siamese RTG.  For those who need a full
desciption please check out our Web site at, it
has most of the information you will need for those who for some reason
have not heard of it.

To coincide with this launch we would like to have an IRC conference.  
please rendezvous on channel #amiga on Monday 31st March, 9pm gmt.  [This
conference appears in this issue of Amiga Report.]

Please email me if you cannot attend this conference but would like a
brochure posted.

Siamese RTG is expected to cause much discussion, as it gives all Amiga
3.0+ owners access to all PC graphics card under Windows95 and WindowsNT4.
For example, using even a cheap half decent PC graphics card, you could run
your Amiga WorkBench at 1120x832, and it would feel far faster than normal
Amiga screen modes in 256 colours, with features like real time window


RTG 2.0 upgrade from Siamese v1.5 is 59.95 + P&P
RTG 2.0 complete with hardware is 199.95
RTG 2.1 software upgrade will be 79.95 when released in May at the
London World Of Amiga Show, 
so now is the time to buy it. (RTG 2.1 will be a free upgrade to all
original RTG v2.0 purchasers)