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PHILADELPHIA, Pa., March 27, 1997 /UseNet News/ -- Intangible Assets
Manufacturing President, and former Commodore-Amiga Software Engineer, Dale
L.  Larson, has issued the following statement in reaction to today's news
that Gateway 2000 has purchased the Amiga assets subject to regulatory

"I'm thrilled that the Amiga technologies have finally been purchased, more
so that they have been bought by a company with such tremendous resources,
visionary management, and customer-service orientation as Gateway 2000. 
From their statement that they 'will work to develop new products for the
AMIGA market,' we conclude that the Amiga has a newly bright future ahead
of it.  I trust that this will re-invigorate the Amiga community and renew
interest in our markets.  We're looking forward to a surge in sales of our
Amiga products in the coming months as a result of this announcement."

Intangible Assets Manufacturing produces a line of Amiga products,
including the book "Connect Your Amiga!  A Guide to the Internet, LANs,
BBSs and Online Services", DiskSalv4, MRBackup, MegaBall4 and others.  IAM
also publishes Internet-related books "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet
Erotica" and "Lineland: Mortality and Mercy on the Internet's
Pynchon-L@Waste.Org Discussion List." Web site: