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Toronto, March 24, 1997

Dear Amiga users,

We at PXL computers and clickBOOM brought to you Capital Punishment last
November.  It went on to become the biggest game of the year.   At the same
time we promised more great things to come...

Today, we are proud to announce we are developing and publishing the Amiga
version of Myst!

What can we possibly say about Myst that has not already been said a
thousand times?  It is hard to imagine a more important game for the Amiga,
since Myst is the bestselling CD-ROM game ever!

Myst is not about polygons, frames per second, megahertz, or other 1997's
jargon.  It's a thinking man's game, with intelligent gameplay.  It shows
you don't have to be chasing bad guys with a shot gun to have fun with a
computer game.  In 1996 every team (including clickBOOM) was trying to
squeeze the life out of the machine they were programming for, in order to
get the fastest action.  On the other hand, there was Myst with its
brilliant adventure puzzles - and it became the bestselling game of the
year for both PC and Mac!

Myst is what happens when a team of extremely talented and hard working
people creates a vision.  Cyan, developers of the original Myst, have done
a tremendous job in the graphics and sound department, topping that with
the best adventure puzzles.

Myst will also be the biggest challenge for the Amiga market.  If it
succeeds, you will be seeing many more hit games coming - some through us,
some through other big companies who temporarily left the Amiga market.

Amiga version, like the original, will be CD-only.  If you do not own a
CD-ROM drive, you have a couple of months left to get it, or you will be
lagging behind.  For the rest of you, get a copy of Capital Punishment
while you are waiting for Myst.  :)

On Mac and PC, Myst was the first game to push hardware limits, requiring
faster processor and a CD-ROM drive.  It is clear we want to continue our
revolution on the Amiga, and this time our task is to push the hardware

The exact specifications for Myst are still not known.  At the moment, it
appears that the following requirements will be necessary:

Minimum Hardware:
CD-ROM drive
AGA or Amiga with a video board
'030 CPU

Recommended Hardware: 
'040 or better CPU

- OS-friendly
- Fully multitasking
- Video board support (CyberGraphX, Picasso 96) in 16 million colors
- AGA in 256 colors
- Hi-res screenmodes (productivity, double PAL/NTSC, interlace).

Developer: clickBOOM
Publisher: PXL computers
Release date: Summer

We will be constantly keeping you up-to-date with our development progress.
The best place for the latest information is our web site, located at

Additionally, Myst screenshots and sounds are available for download. 
Prior to the release of the game, you will be able to enjoy some playable 

As always, feel free to contact us at 

Best regards from your clickBOOM team.