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ELSAT S.C., makers of the FG24/Pro-Grab RT and the CD32 ProModule, as
reviewed in recent issues of Amiga Report, are sponsoring a unique contest!

Elsat is looking for a new name for the FG24/Pro-Grab RT (as it is known in
different countries.)  This name would be used both on the current Amiga
products and their new PC framegrabbing product.

The winning entry to Elsat will receive their choice of a CD32 ProModule or
an FG24.  In addition, a random entry will be drawn and will receive a
prize to be named by Elsat.

So, to recap: Come up with a catchier name than "FG24" and win one of them,
or one of the better CD32 expansion boxes out there.  Not a bad deal.

Entries should be mailed directly to Elsat's Marek Kujda, at, with the subject header "FG24 NAMING ENTRY".  Elsat
will have sole responsibility for selecting contest winners and will
announce their selections in an upcoming issue of Amiga Report.