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    Pretium Checkbook Finances Software




    204 NW 25th Street
    Gainesville, FL  32607

    (352) 373-9471 

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Pretium is a checkbook accounting program designed specifically for the
Amiga.  To record a transaction, such as a deposit or withdrawal from your
checking account, enter the information the same way you would record the
transaction in your checkbook.  Pretium keeps track of the running balance
and cleared and uncleared transactions automatically.

Choose an option from the menu and your transactions are sorted by payee,
category, amount, check number, or date.  Pretium supports check printing
to print professional looking checks faster than you can write a check by

Pretium can be used for keeping track of credit card charge and payments,
savings accounts, petty cash funds, cash transactions, and more.  You can
work with any number of separate accounts on-screen at one time.  Select a
transaction and click a button, and Pretium will display address and phone
number information about the payee from its built-in phone and address
database.  Pretium can also fill-in information from a previous
transaction, matched by entering just the first few letters.

If you want a clearer picture of where your money is going, you can have it
print a report.  Pretium supports categories and subcategories for
transactions, allowing you to classify and organize your finances. 

It also supports importing and exporting of files with Quicken, Microsoft
Money, and other programs that support the QIF exchange format.

Pretium is designed for international use.  It works with any date and
money format.


New features since the 1.01 version include the payee database, sorting of
transactions by different transaction fields, funds transfers between
accounts, check voiding, and check printing.


Pretium runs on any Amiga with AmigaDOS 2.x or better.  Pretium is designed
for use in any country with any money and date format.


Pretium is a commercial software package.


Pretium's suggested retail list price is $54.95 (US funds).


The commercial software package is available through several dealers and
distributors.  If your software dealer doesn't carry Pretium, you can order
it directly from IDD by sending $54.95 (US funds) to:

204 NW 25th Street
Gainesville, FL  32607

A demo of Pretium is available as on Aminet in /biz/misc as "pretium.lha".
You can use the URL:

The demo is also available through the IDD web site at
<>.  You can also receive it by e-mail by sending
mail to with "send demo" as the subject.