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   3.0 (Major update)

[sorry to users that have looked for 2.2, but it was deleted from Aminet. 
Please try again with this version.]

   Also available now is the 3.023 update file.


   Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen
   Digital Surface



   This is a library that will make serial network handling easy. It
   contains a set of functions that will do most of the "dirty" work
   for you. All you need to do is to allocate a net and then read and
   write to/from that net. Net here is a device, for example
   serial.device or a compatible device (such as the duart.device,
   artser.device .. and so on).

   With help from this library you can connect games and programs via
   null-modem cable or modem in a relativly comfortable way. It has
   its own modem functions to deal with modem dial-up/receive. You can
   even make your own BBS with this library.

   The library has integrated resource tracking. The resource
   tracking allows you to free memory, ports and devices that are
   used by a program that is suspended or terminates without a
   clean-up. The resource tracking also prevents you from free-ing an
   invalid pointer to a net.

   Archive includes developer information and a demo terminal program
   that uses the dignet.library.


- resource tracking
- string/text/binary support (all-in-one)
- should be painless to use, straight forward.
- possibility for more advanced uses (eg. with signals)
- fully re-entrant (more connections open at the same time)
- ready-for-use when allocating a net
- easy to change default parameters
- fast and small routines (written in assembler).
- safe to call functions even with faulty arguments
  (such as read/write no bytes, free-ing net twice).


 27 new functions added, among them you can find:

- Dial-up and receive modem functions
- Resource tracking is made public available with functions
- Resource tracking improved (more information)
- Text converter routines (PC <-> AMIGA)
- Now defaults to preference settings (own function to set
  a "safe" setting)
- Functions for converting special strings
  ("ATZr" -> ATZ(13) etc.)
- Added more functions for advanced usage (port/message ++)
- Added NIL support for the FlushNet() command
  (no more trash left)
- Added guide file documentation
- More debug tools and functions
- More speed improvements and optimizes

   Also included full convert tables between the different charsets
   such as ISO, IBN, IBM, APPLE, UK7, NO7 and more.

   Read the guide file or autodoc for more information.


      OS 2.04 or better
      A serial.device or a compatible device



   User files

   Source code
     Includes source code for a terminal program that uses
     dignet.library. Source code of DignetTERM is public domain.




Distributed as freeware.

Special notes:

Freeware authors: The library file can be distributed as a standalone file
in your own archive as long as you include a credit (read autodoc).  If
credit is unsuitable you can distribute the whole archive as it came from
Aminet in your archive.

Shareware/Commercial authors can also include the file as a standalone
file, but they should under any circumstances include a visable (to user)
credit in their programs.  If the library performs more than 20% of the
functionality in the program the library is not allowed to be used without
a license agreement.  Shareware/ commercial authors can buy themselves free
from the credit requirement in their programs.  I also consider the sake of
the program and what the fee is for the particualr program.  Make contact
for more information.

dignet.library is Copyright (c) 1997 by Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen/
Digital Surface.