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QuikPak Welcomes Gateway 2000 to the Amiga Community

Once again it seems that the Amiga Community is subjected to another sharp
turn on the rollercoaster that is the future of the Amiga.  The recent
announcement by Gateway 2000 that its bid to purchase the assets of Amiga
Technologies has been successful is truly a surprise.  Yet, it is a
surprise that holds much promise.

Gateway 2000 is a tremendous success story - continually scoring top marks
in customer satisfaction surveys based on service, support, and product
reliability.  Gateway 2000 is a leader in its market, and brings to the
Amiga Community a wealth of resources and knowledge.

While we are understandably dissappointed that our own bid was
unsuccessful, we at QuikPak remain as committed as ever to the future of
the Amiga.  We have devoted a large portion of our energies to developing
the Amiga market and supporting the community, and we have no intention of
abandoning our position now.  The Gateway 2000 purchase may represent an
excellent opportunity to breathe new life into the Amiga platform.  We've
maintained all along that we believe in the future of the Amiga, and stand
by our statements.

Thank you once again for your continuing support, and we look forward to
bringing you new information as it becomes available.  We look forward to
working with you, the user, and all our other partners in making the
Amiga's future as bright as possible.  And, we look forward to the
opportunity of working with the newest player in the Amiga field, Gateway

Dan Robinson
Director of Business Development

Dave Ziembicki