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    HyperText-DataType-System (HTDS)






    Stefan Ruppert (


    This package provides a modular HyperText System based on the
    datatypes concept of the AmigaOS 3.x. It offers many features,
    which aren't implemented in any currently available datatype.

    Main features are :

    * embedding of other datatypes objects, which supports DTM_DRAW
    * definition of links
    * multiple fonts
    * asyncron rendering
    * starting program's, ARexx macros from a link
    * Retrace/Forward buttons
    * ARexx port with commands to manipulate the hypertext object
    * well defined HyperText Programming Interface (HTPI)
    * supports lists like HTML : <OL>,<UL> and <DL>
    * supports normal and pattern searching
    * rexx scripts for internet access from a hypertext document
    * node indexing for very fast opening of hyperguide documents
    * rexx script for source viewing
    * background colors and pictures
    * HTML color expression handling (#RRGGBB)
    * navigator button row configuration
    * export class system. HTML/AscII export.

    Currently there are the following datatypes available in HTDS:

    - hypertext.datatype :
      super-class for all HyperText/Text related formats

    - hyperguide.datatype :
      AmigaGuide compatible (about 99.9%) sub-class.

    - directory.datatype :
      Allows you to browse through the FileSystem

    - man.datatype :
      Used to manage Unix-Manual-Pages in ASCII format (output of groff).
      Now you can use man-pages with HyperText links !

    - html.datatype :
      THE hypertext format these days

    - htdsascii.datatype :
      HTDS replacement of the normal ascii.datatype

    - productinfo.datatype :
      View Product-Info files.

    In the SDK archive with full source code:

    - catalog.datatype
      Sample implementation for IFF files.

    - htdemo.datatype
      Example sub-class DataType with full source code

    - dirdemo.datatype
      Subclass of directory.datatype


    For the future development of HTDS is planed :

    - mail.datatype
      Read your email or mailinglist archives

    - autodoc.datatype
      No need to convert autodoc files to AmigaGuide anymore

    - remove bugs, improve existing datatypes (add table support)
      and more

    And all other Aminet sites.


    It's Shareware.
    The fee is 40,- DM or 30 US Dollar


    Permission is hereby granted to distribute the program's archive
    containing the executables and documentation for non-commercial
    purposes as long as the archive and its contents are not modified
    in any way.

    It is strictly forbidden to include this archive in any kind of
    software collection except the Fish Amiga-Library, Aminet-FileServer,
    Meating-Pearls CD's or BBS fileareas or by a explict permission
    from the author!