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The 970328 snapshot of the Amiga Developers Environment is now available
for ftp from  See the "README" file in
the pub/ade directory for more information about the ADE.  See the
"Changes" file for a quick list of some (but not all) of the changes since
the last snapshot.

The complete ftp distribution is approximately 432 Mb (compressed), which
includes original baseline sources (154 Mb), amiga sources (160 Mb), amiga
binaries (106 Mb), and diff files (12 Mb).  When unarchived, the binary
tree is approximately 270 Mb, if you install everything.  The source and
baseline trees are approximately 650 Mb each when unarchived.

For the convenience of those that are unable to acquire the full ADE via
ftp, because of limited internet access bandwidth or cost considerations, a
CD-R disk containing this material is available from Cronus.  See the
Cronus web site ( for additional information or to
place an order via the web.  You can also send email to
"" for details.

Since there was room on the CD-R disk, we have also included the partial
port of Geek Gadgets for BeOS DR8.2.  These binaries will NOT run on the
upcoming DR9 release.  The CD-R disk also contains archives of the
Commodore include files integrated into the appropriate place in the binary
tree.  These files are NOT available in the ftp version because our license
to distribute them applies only to CD-ROM distributions.

I would recommend that if you have the diskspace, that you create a new ADE
directory, say dh0:ade-new, assign ADE: to it, cd to ADE:, extract all of
the binary distribution lha and tgz files in that directory, and then put
back all of your local changes (if any).  That way you can be sure that you
are starting with a clean install.  Simply extracting the distribution lha
archives on top of an existing binary tree is NOT advised.

If you sent in patches that were not included in this snapshot, they are
probably still in my TODO patch directory.  Please feel free to inquire
about them to make sure they were not overlooked.  Over the next one or two
weeks I will be integrating some more patches and some new packages, and
then will do another snapshot just prior to cutting the master for the next
ADE CD release.

Have fun!

-Fred Fish