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After working hard on Minskies:The Abduction and GunFury, Binary Emotions
are looking into producing the sequel to "Speris Legacy".  The design and
concept has been complete for quite a while, we are now at a stage where we
would like adventure game fanatics to express enhancements they would like
to see in the latest episode.  Here are examples of what we've discussed.

  * Twisting plot, with plenty of over dramatisation.
  * The choice of strategy & arcade style combat.
  * A greater and more flexible array of weapons.
  * Possibility of multi player.
  * A more simplified text interface, rather than the Monkey Island style
  * Multi language select - German, French, Spanish, Italian + more.
  * Stronger multi-thread puzzles.
  * Meaningful sub games.
  * Smaller levels, but with more overall  locations to visit.
  * Subtler background music.
  * AGA & ECS in the same package (auto-enhancing)
  * More help and clues available.
  * A full character stats system. 

We are also looking for talented artists & effects coders interested in
contributing their skills to help make Speris 2 a great follow up on Amiga
AGA/ECS & PC.  If you are interested then please Email Ian at :
ISJOLLY@AOL.COM we can then discuss the work further.

Ian Jolly (Binary Emotions)