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Cronus and proDAD Software provide complete p.OS development environment.

Tempe, Arizona (March 26, 1997) - Cronus, a software development and
distribution company, and proDAD Software, creator of the p.OS operating
system, announced today that they have reached an agreement to distribute a
complete set of software tools and a developer version of p.OS that will
allow developers to begin porting their software to the new p.OS operating
system.  The upcoming Geek Gadgets Version 2 CD-ROM (Amiga Developers
Environment) from Cronus, due for release in April 1997, will contain a
developers release of p.OS and all necessary tools for p.OS development.

Using these tools, it is possible to write programs that run on both p.OS
and AmigaOS using the same binary file.  A shared library that runs on both
operating systems provides applications with all necessary ANSI C and POSIX
support, while special startup code allows programs to determine at startup
whether they are running on p.OS or AmigaOS and make the appropriate system
calls.  Using this technique, the development tools themselves run on
either operating system with negligible overhead or increased binary size.

The p.OS developer release requires an m68020 (or higher) processor, a hard
drive, and a minimum of 2 MB of RAM.  Applications developed for this
portable operating system are source code compatible with p.OS ports to
other architectures such as the PowerPC.  With a simple recompile,
developers of p.OS applications can reach the entire installed base of p.OS
users, regardless of the underlying hardware.  By porting to p.OS now,
developers will be able to take advantage of easy migration to future p.OS
releases on other architectures and enjoy the benefits of hardware
independence (and a brighter market).

Geek Gadgets and the Geek Gadgets logo are trademarks of Cronus.  p.OS and
the p.OS logo are trademarks of proDAD Software.


1840 East Warner Road
Suite 105-265
Tempe, AZ  85284

Phone: 602-491-0442
FAX:   602-491-0048

Cronus was founded by Fred Fish, author of the famous "Fish Disks" for
Amiga, the "Fish" series of CD-ROMs, the "Amiga Developers Environment",
and other Amiga software products.  Fred Fish has been involved in the
distribution of software for the Amiga since 1985.


proDAD Software
Feldelestr. 24
D-78194 Immendingen

Phone:   ++49-7462/91134
FAX:  ++49-7462/7435

proDAD Software was founded 1990 and is the leading producer of video
software for the Amiga.  The p.OS project was started in 1995 to produce a
portable operating system for proDAD Software and other innovative Amiga
developers, while providing an easy migration path from AmigaOS and
retaining all the expected features and advantages such as full preemptive
multitasking and responsive user interfaces.