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                           News & Press Releases

   Gateway 2000 Offer     The first news we heard

  Gateway Bid Accepted    Just about the icing on the cake

       Amiga Myst         Myst being ported to the Amiga!

 Win an FG24 or ProMod!   Name the product and win one!

   Developer Network      Amiga Developer Network Website

  Siamese System v2.0     Siamese with RTG released

        VWM v1.4          Control screen and window positions

   MoveToMirror v2.0      For local Aminet mirrors

      Targetus 3.0        WB shooter game

   Cronus And proDAD      Joint development support agreement

  Speris Legacy Sequel    Binary Emotions at work

      ADE Snapshot        New version of Amiga Dev. Environment

   Amiga Gathering 97     Dates and times for the show

    RP2000 AIP V1R0       Run AmiExec on a single-board computer

  HotListHandler 1.10     Share hotlists between browsers

      HTDS v40.10         Modular hypertext in datatypes

   CeBIT Show Report      Pictoral report on the Web

     AsimCDFS v3.0        New version of the CD filesystem

    MasterISO v1.25b      New version of the CD mastering program

  dignet.library v3.0     Help with serial networking for programmers

 Pretium Finances v1.1    Personal finance package news

 Finnish Group Web Site   New user group site

   Amiga Gathering 97     Show announcement

     ANAO Excerpts        Magazine excerpts from Down Under

      IAM Welcome         IAM welcomes Gateway to the game

    QuikPak Welcome       QuikPak's reaction to the buyout

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