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ImageFX Seminars Now Available

For Immediate Release

Bob Fisher
Nova Design, Inc.

Richmond, VA - March 1997.  User groups have begun taking advantage of all
the new ImageFX Seminars given by Nova Design, Inc.  staff.  These
seminars, which are also available to dealers, trade shows, and independant
groups, are designed to introduce users to the power of ImageFX, show its
uses and how to use it to achieve professional results.

Customized Instruction

The presentation is designed to fit the needs of the groups holding the
seminar.  Topics cover an introduction to ImageFX, tips and techniques, and
conclude with a question and answer period where the audience can get
individualized instruction and feedback directly from Nova Design


The seminars are held exclusively on weekends and are available on a first
come, first served basis.  There are a limited number of spaces available
in this year's schedule, so call as soon as you can.  Our next scheduled
seminar is at Lively Computers in San Diego, CA.  We will keep a list of
our scheduled seminars on our web page.

If you're an individual who is interested in attending an existing seminar,
you will need to contact the group hosting it.


The cost for the seminar is kept as low as possible.  There is a speakers
fee of only $150.00 per day, regardless of the number of people attending,
plus all costs for travel and lodging. 

For more information call: (804) 282-6528, or fax (804) 282-3768