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17th March 1997

For Immediate Public Release:

Quasar Distribution, publishers of PC-Task, DirWork, Quarterback and
Quarterback Tools Deluxe, have terminated our distribution agreement with
France Festival Distribution due to piracy of PC-Task 4.

Due to Serge Hammouche (the owner of France Festival Distribution)
illegally selling pirated copies of PC-Task updates and full packages, they
are no longer authorised to sell any versions of any of our products.

It is disappointing to us to see this sort of behaviour occurring at this
vital time for the Amiga computer.

New distribution details will be available soon on our web site at

French PC-Task users are able to upgrade directly from us for US$47
including delivery.  Further details are available on our web site.

All PC-Task versions are sold with printed manuals, with a properly printed
PC-Task label.  If you suspect your version is a pirate copy, please email
us at

Peter Fregon
Manager - Quasar Distribution

Quasar Distribution
PO Box 101, Vermont, Victoria, 3133, Australia
Fax: +613 9887 2511