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   Oliver Roberts


   Address:  30 Tillett Road
             NR3 4BJ


An editor for use with the Formula One Grand Prix or World Circuit game
(published by MicroProse Software).  It is very easy to use, with a
standard 2.0 look graphical user interface (even on KS 1.x!) and on-line
help should you need it.

Allows you to alter most of the in-game setup, including computer car
performance, car/helmet/pitcrew colours, car fragility and many other
things (and I MEAN many!).  Sound samples can also be replaced, cockpit
graphics changed, and lap records and setups printed.

Changes can be saved directly to a copy of the game which is running in
memory, or to the main file used by the game for a more permanent change.

Also incorporated in the main program are a number of memory patches,
including Toni Wilen's GPPatch and Grant Reeve's PatchF1GP.

F1GP-Ed breathes new life into an ageing, but excellent game.  1994, 1995,
1996 and 1997 sample datafiles supplied for those who don't want to mess

The program itself is auto-enhancing, which means that it will run on a
basic A500 with KS 1.2, but will make use of KS 2.x or KS 3.x specific
routines on suitable machines to make itself even better.

Supported languages:

English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish,
Norwegian and Czech.


o The "in-game" palette can now be altered
o GPPatch: font is now user selectable, HUD size can be preset, HUD can
  be enabled automatically, the "right-shift" car setup change can be
  disabled.  Reduced chip ram usage, plus the required chip ram is now
  allocated dynamically (only if you actually install GPPatch).  Display
  position is no longer hardcoded - uses same position as F1GP is using
o Added Hall of Fame options to the Statistics window to configure the
  HoF lap record output
o Added option to allow the "Abandon Qualifying" requestor to be skipped
o The position of the game display can now be preset
o Cockpit designs can now be viewed directly from within F1GP-Ed
o The backdrop (.bkg) files used by F1GP's menus can now be replaced
  with other images
o Improved font sensitivity calculations for proportional fonts - should
  result in more compact windows (tested with over 50 different fonts)
o Saving cockpit designs to memory now works properly
o Fixed bug in Nigel Rowe's McLaren-D cockpit (gear indicator no longer
  blanks out)


Formula One Grand Prix or World Circuit game by Geoff Crammond, published
commercially originally by MicroProse Software.  The game has now been
re-released by Guildhall Leisure on the Acid label.

Approximately 1.5Mb of free ram needed to load the game and the editor to
be able to use the memory patches.  But, the editor itself and most of the
features will work on machines with less memory.


F1GP-Ed Web Page:

Aminet: (458262)


Shareware fee (minimum):    United Kingdom  £36 (UK Pounts)
                         Rest of the World  £37 (or US$ 15 / DM 20)

Registrations can also be made via F1 Shareware (see documentation
for details).


F1GP-Ed is a Shareware product and it may be distributed freely provided
none of the files (including the executable) are tampered with in any way

A registration fee is requested if the product is found to be useful by the
user.  Registering means helps insure that I continue to develop the
program, and as a bonus all features will be enabled.

Copyright (c) 1994-1997 Oliver Roberts, All Rights Reserved.

*** Not officially endorsed by MicroProse Software ***