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In a short letter which blamed a debt owed to them by VIScorp as the cause,
Almathera announced that it went out of business earlier this month.

Almathera was involved in set-top development for VIScorp, and has had
pending invoices with the former Amiga technology suitor for some time.

It is unclear from the letter if the company was sent into bankruptcy by
its creditors or if its directors simply decided to shut down the company.
Legal hassles with Paul Nolan, the original author of the program behind
Photogenics, cause Almathera to pull the product from its line shortly
before the announcement, and Nolan claims he had a lawsuit with very large
claims out against the company.

An industry source indicates that the Almathera product line, as well as
company principles Paul and Jolyon Ralph, have been picked up by Grandslam