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* 11-3-1997 ClassX announces X-DVE 2.70

Our firm is continually updating X-DVE in order to make this leading
software the most productive, easy and powerful DTV animation/titling
environment on the market.  With this new free release, X-DVE has been
added of some some important features and new functionalities.  The update
from v2.50/2.60 for Italy, UK, Germany, USA will be freely available on

- 68060 support

Thanks to its modular desing, X-DVE keeps its cpu intesive code into
separate libraries which has been optimized for several processors.  With
X-DVE 2.70 we have introduced the 68060 version of these libraries to allow
power-users to get the best out of their expensive accelerator boards. 
With the imminent arrival of new PPC-based boards we'll be able to supply
PPC-optimized libraries in no time.

- Multipalette Anim5/7L object

X-DVE is based on graphical objects which can be enhanced, animated and
rendered with thousands of effects and combinations.  Objects can be single
frame (text, brush) or an animated sequence of frames (starfield,
multibrush or animbrush).  With X-DVE 2.70 the animbrush object has been
extended and now it supports doublebuffered multipalette animation formats
as ANIM5 and ANIM7 (long).  With this new feature, users no longer need to
convert their animations into IFF-ANBR format in order to use them as X-DVE
objects.  When adding an ANIMBRUSH object, X-DVE detects its format
automatically without the need of any user input.  For multiple palette
animations, the internal colour remapper will perform the needed frame by
frame adjustments automatically.

- 12 New slide effects

The library of effects has been extended again reaching 64 different

o The "Sweep" effects (4 variants) where the object is divided into small
  rotating slices.

o The "Twist" effects (4 variants) where the object is twisted onto its own
  axis and smoothly becomes plain.

o The "RotCarpet" effects (4 variants) where the object is mapped onto a
  page coming from outside the screen.

All these effects are computed with 3D texure mapping calculations and give
astonishing visual results if rendered with the X-DVE light sourcing

- Fixes

The texture mapping routines have been tuned up to allow a better precision
and appearance of the effects (the 3D polygon clipper has been enhanced to
better handle very small polygons).

- Future

o We're working to make X-DVE support DraCo of MacroSystem (even if the
  guys at MacroSystem keep to ignore our requests of support, development
  tools and documentation).  The features of the DraCo version are
  unpredictable: it all depends on MacroSystem.

o The PPC version of the libraries is one of our main aims.

- Thanks

We would like to thank all our registered users for their support and for
believing in this product.  I hope they will appreciate our continuous
efforts and dedication to the best computer ever.

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