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   Stefan Becker


   World Wide Web:

   Address:                Bonner Ring 68
                   D-50374 Erftstadt


ToolManager is a program which lets you start your tools in a very easy
way.  You can start programs by using keyboard shortcuts, by selecting an
entry from the Workbench's Tools menu or by clicking an icon either on the
Workbench or in special dock windows.  You can even drag icons from
Workbench drawers on those icons to supply files to the programs.
Additionally you can attach a sound to each of these actions.

All these things are controlled by ToolManager objects.  Each object has a
specific task and contains information how to accomplish this task.  F.ex.
programs are represented as Exec objects and contain information about the
program name and the stack size.

The configuration is handled by the ToolManager preferences editor.  It is
based on MUI 3.x and thus offers a font-sensitive GUI where you can open
multiple resizable object edit windows at once.  It also supports Drag &
Drop of objects.

The distribution consists of 5 archives:

Binaries  - Programs, english doc., Installer script     required
Developer - Developer information                        optional
Extras    - Additional programs                          optional
Locale    - Translated documentation and program texts   optional
Sources   - Complete source code                         optional


Changes since ToolManager 2.1b:

   - Again rewritten (almost) from scratch :-)
   - Old object system removed, TM objects are now BOOPSI objects
   - Now uses memory pools
   - Delay parameter removed from Exec Objects
   - Animation support removed from Image Objects
   - Picture.datatype V43 support added to Image Objects
   - Only icon images supported for Icon Objects
   - Only images loadable via picture.datatype are supported in
     Dock Objects
   - Pattern & Vertical flags and Title parameter removed from
     Dock Objects
   - Dock Objects can now display text and images
   - Dock Objects can now be completely borderless
   - New preferences file format, hopefully more flexible
   - Converter for the ToolManager 2.x format
   - Events are now checked while the configuration is read
   - Preferences is now a MUI application: resizable window,
     multiple open edit windows and Drag&Drop support
   - Changing an object name automatically updates all references
     to the object.
   - Support for grouping objects.
   - All dock objects get the screen notifications
   - Added support for DOSPath 1.0
   - CLI command lines are not limited to 4KB anymore
   - Installer script


ToolManager handler:

   AmigaOS 3.0 (V39)    or better
   WBStart 2.0          or better
   DOSPath 1.0          or better
   ScreenNotify 1.0     or better (optional)
   picture.datatype V43           (optional)

ToolManager preferences editor:

   AmigaOS 3.0 (V39)    or better
   MUI 3.7              or better
   MCC_Pop 0.3          or better


ToolManager 3.0 is available on Aminet, e.g. ( 91740) ( 12064) ( 19556) ( 95606) (186480)


GiftWare. Recommended donation is US $10 - $20 or 10 - 20DM.


Freely distributable, (c) 1990-97 Stefan Becker