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  Jérôme LOUVEL (


  -  Completly reworked the code.
  -  Improved the interface.
  -  Localization of the interface.
  -  New Database output format.
  -  Added a generation window to pause, continue, abort the generation.
  -  Ability to change the output format from the main window.
  -  Ability to select INDEX fields to output.
  -  It's EMAILWARE (for the moment I haven't received any feedback !)
  -  Can set preferences for each output format.
  -  When generation is aborted the already output files remains valid.
  -  Can add a Search button in AmigaGuide files (uses SearchGuide).


If you use frequently the Aminet services, I'm sure you'll find this
program useful.  The aim is to extract from the huge Aminet INDEX file, the
information you need as quickly as possible, in a clean way.

I know there are many other progs doing 'same' thing but none of them has a
decent interface, none of them allows you to save your prefs, and many of
them don't work very long because the INDEX format changes from time to

Here's the solution, no need to type in boring CLI commands, simply use the
friendly MUI interface and enjoy the work ...


-  MUI interface with help bubbles, keyboard support, ...

-  Localized interface.

-  Preferences loading, editing, saving with special preferences for each
   output format.

-  Generation window with ability to pause, continue, abort the generation.
   If you stop the generation, the files already generated remains valid.

-  Allows to specify a minimum AND maximum age in weeks for output files.

-  Allows to customise the position of every INDEX field so the program
   can read ANY format of INDEX file (even old and future ones) !

-  Allows to specify which directories and subdirectories to extract using
   listviews in the prefs window.

-  Uses TREE file to get description of directories for output files
   and preference window.

-  Can generate a RECENT type file in the following formats :
   Text, AmigaGuide, HTML and Database !

-  Can add a search button in AmigaGuide files (needs the SearchGuide tool
   by Gérard Cornu).

-  Can split the RECENT file (one file for each directory selected) with
   a smart file extension handling. With this feature, even computers with
   low memory can easily use the huge INDEX file :->

-  Can remove any field form the INDEX (except the file field of course).
   For example, the complete AmigaGuide version of an INDEX takes less
   space than the original INDEX if you remove the dir field !

-  NO buffer is used for the RECENT file generation (sequential access)
   and the job is done in ONE pass.

-  When all the selected dirs are scanned, stops reading the INDEX immedia-
   tely :-)

-  Displays current written file and the current read directory during the
   RECENT file generation.

-  Displays an accurate progression gauge and a funny busy bar.

-  It's in EMAILWARE !


- MUI 3.3 or better (Magic User Interface)

- MCC_Busy class (dev/mui/MCC_Busy_2.3.lha) or with MUI archive.

- An Amiga with the KickStart 2.04 or better

- The WIDE version of the Aminet INDEX :

    *   The wide version is in the Aminet /info/index/ directory !
    *   The short version is in the Aminet root directory...
    *   You may use an INDEX from an Aminet CD-ROM (not sure)

- The corresponding Aminet TREE file :

    *   You should find it in the Aminet root directory
    *   A recent version is present in the archive
    *   This file describes the Aminet directory structure


Program in EMAILWARE and Copyright © 1997 by Jérôme LOUVEL.
If you use it, please consider sending me an EMail.


Any Aminet site, such as or in the
pub/aminet/util/misc directory:


Freely distributable via CD, disk, FTP, or any other form (if NO charge is
asked for, except for the media) when the original distribution archive is
kept intact.