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Date:    13-March-1997
Contact: Cindy Sassenrath


Carl Sassenrath Publishes the REBOL Reference Manual, Part 1

The first part of the REBOL(tm) Reference Manual, entitled "REBOL Values:
The Building Blocks" is now available on-line at

This manual, written for both novice users and programming experts alike,
serves as an introduction to the first and most important concept of the
language.  It also includes seven example scripts written in REBOL that
clarify the use of the language.

"With just a glance at the examples it quickly becomes apparent why REBOL
is a simple, yet powerful alternative to the future operation of our
computer systems and the distribution of computer content on the internet",
comments Sassenrath.

He goes on to admit: "I realize that the REBOL language is not for
everyone, but there are a lot of us who believe that personal computers
have turned into a bad dream, with endless layers of bloated software being
forced down our throats by huge stockmarket-driven bureaucracies."

An "educational pre-release" of the REBOL language is expected to be out
this month and is intended for people who want to try a few examples of
their own, using what they have learned from the manual.  Incremental
releases of the language will be made over the next few months, with a 1.0
version slated for June 1997.

Subsequent parts of the manual will be published to the Internet as they
become available.

The development of the REBOL language is being supported by contributions
and will be freely available for personal non-commercial use on a range of
computer systems.  Corporate licenses and custom versions will be available
for a fee.

REBOL is a trademark of Carl Sassenrath.