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Immediate press release: Budapest, 10 March, 1997

Arthur Wilkins Software - based in Budapest, Hungary - announces exciting
new products for the Amiga.  

We are committed to produce affordable, but high quality software for the
professional user especially those involved in the video industry.
AW-AfterAlias is an unbelievable tool for professional cartoon studios.
Now it is possible to create perfect quality cartoons using low-cost Amiga
computers and cheap software.  

AfterAlias as its name suggests applies perfect anti-aliasing (no blur!) to
a jaggied computer generated image.

AW-DeFlicker removes the interlace flickering from any image without any
visible blur - it is a must have for every video professional. 

AW-Freeze is also a very valuable operator for video users for freezing a
still frame by eliminating motion between fields. 

All the above video tools come as an ADPro operator for easy integration. 
Freely distributable demo versions are downloadable from the Arthur Wilkins
Software web.

A complete package of visual effects for ADPro called 'AWFX1' is to be
released soon with 8 superb plug-in modules (including AfterAlias,
DeFlicker and Freeze).  AWSW plans to publish 3rd party video effect
modules for Macrosystem GmbH's MovieShop non-linear video editing software,
filters for Adobe PhotoShop and more.  BIGDISK breaks the 4GB limit of
AmigaDOS, enables video users to handle large SCSI disks, such as 9GB hard
disks manufactured by Micropolis and Seagate.  Now it is possible to create
partitions above 4GB and use them as an AmigaDOS system disk, or as a
dedicated MovieShop video or audio partition with both Vlab-Motion and
DraCo-Motion.  Further information can be obtained from our web-site.  Make
sure to subscribe the AWSW newsletter (on our site) if you don't want to
miss important information from us in the future. 

Arthur Wilkins Software 
1141 Budapest, Malyva 32. 
Tel: (36-1) 221-2287 
Fax: (36-1) 221-2287