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Amiga Enforcer V37.70
New Version Supports 060, Source Code Available

Enforcer V37, by Michael Sinz, published by Intangible Assets
Manufacturing, is an advanced debugging tool for Amiga computer systems
equipped with a 68020/68851, 68030, 68040, or 68060 CPU.  It uses the MMU
to help detect stray pointers and access to invalid memory.  The Enforcer
archive includes tools to help identify the exact location of bugs,
including the line of source code in most C or Assembly code, as well as
some other languages.  Also includes a large on-line manual and some
examples as to how errors can be caught. 

The original Enforcer was written by Bryce Nesbitt, copyright
Commodore-Amiga.  It was instrumental in the development of AmigaOS 2.04
and to the improvement of the quality of software on the Amiga.  Enforcer
V37 is a completely new set of code designed to provide even more debugging
capabilities across more hardware configurations and with more options. 

Changes from the V37.62 release of Enforcer include:

* Added 68060 CPU support the first public release that provides support
for the 68060.  See documentation for details.

* New MMU dump tool

* A large amount of new documentation including how and why certain things
were built the way they were.  A "must read" for Amiga system hackers and
CPU hardware vendors.  Includes some source code for some of the patches
that were needed to make the 68040.library support as much Amiga software
as possible.  (And, thus, 68060.library - hopefully)

* A special offer: Source code to all the Enforcer tools!  Enforcer has
always been available for use by Amiga developers for free.  The wide
spread use of Enforcer has been one of the reasons Amiga software is as
good as it is.  With this release of Enforcer, the author makes a special
offer to people who wish to get the source code.  This offer is detailed at and in the Enforcer documentation. 

Support the Enforcer: Order today.
Even if you don't need the source code to Enforcer, if you use Enforcer,
please consider purchasing the source code to support the author and
continued work on Enforcer.  Enforcer has been developed over many years,
worked on by two of the most famous and capable of the former
Commodore-Amiga Software Engineers.  If you're an Amiga developer, Enforcer
is worth a lot to you and the quality of your software, so please support

More information about Enforcer, the downloadable Enforcer archive, and
ordering information are all available through the Enforcer web page at:

Any questions about Enforcer should be directed to: 

The author, Michael Sinz, replies to mail sent to this address. 

Intangible Assets Manufacturing
828 Ormond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604
phone (orders only) +1 610 853 4406
fax +1 610 853 3733