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Divecalc - The world's best diving competition manager

Divecalc is a program meant to handle diving competitions with ease and
speed.  It lets you create all the events and all the divers of the
competition in a hierarchial order to memory and to easily control all the
aspects of the whole competition.  So why is it the best, just look at the

Graphical, multi-window user interface
Small, fast and easy to use yet still extremely powerful

Maximum of 65535 events in one competition
Maximum of 999 divers in each event
Set own difficulty degree limits, when needed
Set or draw starting order of divers
Create event groups to ease results feeding if several events are
 dived at the same time
Both 5 and 7 judges supported
Automatical difficulty degree calculation
6  printing  routines  including Judges Analysis and Dives, which
 prints the dives as they are read aloud.
On-Line help
Comprehensive settings program
Use  Divecalc  easily in different languages (currently supported
 English and Finnish)

 Divecalc costs only 300 FIM, which is about

   65 US Dollars
   100 DM

And what does it need?  It needs an Amiga computer with at least AmigaDOS
2.1, MC68020 processor and 1 Megabyte of memory to run.  It works on both
floppy-only-system and hard drive based system.

 The author may be contacted at:

  Arto Huusko
  Anterontie 2A
  67400 Kokkola

 or Internet:


 or by phone:

  +(358) (6) 8314 196