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UNIX, Amiga, VMS and AS/400 Top List of Platforms Targeted for New CD
Library System
11:45 a.m. Feb 26, 1997 EST 

IRVINE, Calif., Feb.  26 /PRNewswire/ -- Elms Systems Corporation(TM),
innovator of digital library solutions for affordable CD sharing and
publishing, has launched its "Solutions Provider" and Independent Software
Vendor (ISV) programs.  Elms is actively seeking ISVs to provide
complementary software for its Digital Versatile Library(TM) (DVL(TM)).
The "Solutions Provider" program is aimed at VARs and integrators with
specialized expertise either in both vertical applications and
non-Microsoft operating systems.  The DVL is a first of its kind CD library
hardware product which features storage of up to 100 CDs online in five
easy-to-use bar-coded magazines. 

Charter participants already taking advantage of the market potential for
Elms' DVL span a range of platforms including UNIX, Novell, and Amiga and
include Luminex, Riverside, Calif.; Celerity, Knoxville, Tenn.; Asimware,
Ontario, Canada; and Optisys, Glendale, Ariz. 

The new programs offer discounts on Elms products, specialized technical
support including programmer guides, and a range of marketing benefits to
software developers who partner with Elms to provide integrated
hardware/software CD library products. 

According to Robert Smith, Elms vice president of marketing, the company is
actively seeking developers of software for non-Windows environments.
"Elms' internal charter is to focus on providing complete solutions for the
Microsoft-based PC market," said Smith.  "To offer our CD library
capabilities to non-Windows users, we're looking to partner with the best
and brightest software and solution providers for other platforms,
including HP, Sun, AS/400, VMS and other environments."

Elms recognizes that today's technical environment is very complex and that
in order to maintain its technology leadership it needs partners with the
expertise to solve specific customer problems.  "Each OS has a constituent
user community that embraces that OS for a reason.  We need partners that
understand those subtleties and can be responsive to the needs of
customers," Smith concluded. 

Industry-Leading Feature Set 

Elms' DVL CD library is differentiated by unprecedented low price and a
host of easy to use features.  The breakthrough base price for the flagship
product is $5,495. 

The DVL delivers a number of industry firsts, including:

-- flexible drive configuration with 1 to 4 drives (one can be CD-R) 

-- user replaceable drives for easy drive replacements in the field
   technologies and faster drives

-- front access to drives and magazines for easy use in an office

-- battery backup system that monitors magazine changes in the DVL when the
   power is off, making it easier to bring the DVL back on-line

"The magazines were designed with the user in mind," said Smith.  The 20 CD
magazine measures only 6.5" by 2.5" by 6.75" and is the most compact in the
industry.  The magazine features 20 numbered trays that alternate in color
to make loading and unloading a specific tray easy.  The small magazines
help contribute to the DVL's small size which is not much bigger than a
standard PC tower. 

The DVL can be ordered with a 4GB AV hard disk drive to provide additional
storage for specific software needs.  The hard disk drive is a field
installable option that can be purchased separately.  CD drives can also be
added to the DVL at any time.  "We want the VAR and the user to have
flexibility," Smith pointed out.  "With our Faster-Now feature the user can
add drives at any time or upgrade them.  We mounted the drives on rails, so
you slide them in, connect the cables and snap the cover on to complete an

The DVL features a SCSI-II interface and uses standard SCSI-II move media
commands to make it easy for ISVs to write software for the DVL.  "The ISVs
that have worked with us to develop software for the DVL have been able to
write drivers for the DVL very quickly," says Smith. 

The DVL is offered in a variety of configurations, all of which feature
five magazines.  These range from the entry-level single-drive system for
$5,495 (MSRP), to the top-of-the-line four-drive system with a 4GB AV hard
disk drive for $8,795 (MSRP).  The company's products are being offered by
Bell Microproducts, San Jose, Calif.  and Globelle, San Diego, Calif. 

Elms System Corporation is a leader in digital library solutions for
affordable CD sharing and publishing.  The company was founded in 1995 and
is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.  Elms develops a line of CD software
called Panorama(TM) and a CD library, the DVL, aimed at the business and
network user.  The company can be found on the World Wide Web at 

Elms Systems Corporation, DVL, Digital Versatile Library, Faster-Now and
Panorama are trademarks of Elms Systems Corporation.  All other brands are
the property of their respective companies.  SOURCE Elms Systems

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