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  Raymond Penners



`phonebill' is, simply said, a log file analyzer.  What it basically does
is scan log file(s) generated by a terminal program or a mailer, extract
all information about calls you have made by using your modem, and store
this in its own (short) format.  After extracting the calls `phonebill' can
generate various reports in which you can find information on duration and
costs of the calls.

Here is a small list of the main features:

 * Very flexible user-configurable rates, supporting exceptions for
   certain days and dates.

 * User-configurable log scanners: `phonebill' by default supports
   various log files, but for any log file that is not supported the
   user is able to create a scanner. The following is a list of log
   files that are already supported:
     * AmiTel
     * AutoPilot
     * CyberPager
     * DreamTerm
     * GMS
     * Gotcha!
     * GPFax
     * ISDN Master Telephone log
     * ISDN Wilhelmtel
     * JamMail
     * JrComm
     * MagiCall
     * MagicCX
     * MailKick
     * Miami
     * MicroDot
     * Multifax (both v2.0 and Multifax professional)
     * NComm
     * Off-line Amiga
     * Online-o-Meter
     * OnlineMeter
     * Plink
     * Prometheus
     * Term action log and Term call log
     * Terminus
     * TheAnswer
     * TKR-BTX
     * Trapdoor
     * Trapfax
     * UUCP TimeLog
     * UUCP uucico
     * XenoLink
     * ZeeTerm
     * ZerMailer
     * ZMailer
     * Zodiac's Point

 * Log files can be automatically truncated if their size exceeds the
   maximum size.

 * Generates miscellaneous reports: statistics, total costs, predicted
   costs ...

 * Context-sensitive online help.

 * Supports new 3.0 features (new look menus, ...).

 * Nice `Amiga User Interface Style Guide' conformant user interface.

 * Supports `traplist.library'.


The following is an incomplete list of the most important changes:

 * Added billing per second.

 * Besides the built-in log file truncation, you can now also run a
   (shell) command when a log file exceeds its size. For example,
   setting the command to `delete "%f"' deletes the log file.

 * Several rates have been updated. In particular, swedish rates
   now use billing per second.

 * Several bug fixes.


Workbench 2.04 or higher.


Phonebill is available on Aminet, e.g.:
 * (303293)

You can also get it from my home page, located at:


Decades BBS (Sysop: Thomas Andersson)
    +46-54-831561 (USR 28.8 V.Everything)
    FidoNet:   2:203/625.0
    AmigaNet: 39:160/105.0


Shareware fee of $10 US.


The archive and its contents are freely distributable.   
See documentation for details.    

The package is (C) 1993-1997 Raymond Penners

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