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March 13th, 1997 - Amicrawler.Com announced today the results of a week
long study concerning web browser market share for Amiga computers.
Topping the list was IBrowse, from Omnipresence international, with 68.5%
market share.  AWeb ranked a distant second with a 16.1% share, followed by
AmigaVoyager with a 14.6% share.  Older browsers such as AmigaMosaic scored
.4%, and the non-graphical ALynx scored .3%.  Other non-released Amiga
browsers scored below .01%.

The single most popular release was IBrowse v1.02 with a total count of
7,850 visitors, followed by AmigaVoyager v2.10 (2,557 visitors), IBrowse
v1.02demo (2,433 visitors), Amiga-AWeb v2.1 (1,967 visitors), and three
more versions of IBrowse scoring over 1,000 visitors.  A total sample of
23,566 visitors were included in this study.

A similar study performed by Browserwatch shows IBrowse with a 95.4% market
share, Amiga-AWeb with a 3% share, and AmigaVoyager with a 1% share, among
graphical Amiga web browsers.  This study used a smaller sample of only 885
visitors over many weeks.

For further information, please visit the Amiga Browser Watch at

David Tiberio