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  Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen



This is a library that will make serial network handling easy.  It contains
a set of functions that will do most of the "dirty" work for you.  All you
need to do is to allocate a net and then read and write to/from that net. 
Net here is a device, for example serial.device or a compatible device
(such as duart.device).

You can with help from this library connect games and programs via
nullmodem cable or modem in a relative comfortable way.

The library have integrated resource tracking.  The resource tracking allow
you to free memory, ports, device that is used by a program that crashes or
terminates without a cleanup.  The resource tracking also prevents that you
free a invalid pointer to a net.

Archive includes developer information and a demo terminal program that
uses the dignet.library.

Some of the important features of this library:

- resource tracking (from v2.1).
- should be painless to use, straight forward.
- string/text/binary support (all-in-one)
- possibility for more advanced uses (eg. with Wait())
- fully re-entrant (more connections open at the same time)
- comes with a default setting that works for most needs
- easy to change default parameters
- fast routines (written in assembler).
- safe to call functions even with faulty arguments
  (such as read/write null byte).

Read the autodoc for more information.


   OS2.04 or better



User files (soon)

Source code
  Includes source code for a terminal program that uses
  dignet.library. Source code of DignetTERM is public domain.




Distributed as freeware.

Special notes:

Freeware authors: The library file can be distributed as a standalone file
in your own archive as long as you include a credit (read autodoc).  If
credit is unsuitable you can distribute the whole archive as it came from
AmiNet in your own archive.

Shareware/Commercial authors can also include the file as a standalone
file, but they should under any circumstances include a visable credit in
their programs.  If the library do more than 20% of the functionallity in
the program the library is not allowed to be used without a license
agreement.  Shareware/commercial authors can buy them self free from the
credit requirement in their programs.  Take contact for more information.

dignet.library is Copyright (c)1997 by Kenneth "Kenny" Nilsen/
Digital Surface.