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AmigaSoc is pleased to announce what ought to be the UK's first Amiga-only
TV programme due to start on BSkyB's "Computer Channel" next week (the week
starting Monday 17th March) at 6:45 - 7pm, Mon-Thurs, and repeated at the
weekend.  The Computer Channel can be found on Channel 58 on the Sky
Transponder (after Granada Good Life).  It's called "Chips With Everything"
(well we didn't pick the name!)

The show will be feature a panel of Amiga people including Dan Winfield
(founder of AmiLon -the Amiga London User Group, erstwhile web/perl
columnist for Amiga Computing magazine, Marketing Director for IMMStudios,
and AmigaSoc member).  Alongside him will be Nick Veitch of Amiga Format -
one of the most popular Amiga mags in the world (as if you didn't know!),
and Sean Flowers from respected Amiga dealer, Direct Software.

Some of the things to be touched upon in the first show will be exactly WHY
the Amiga has got on just fine without Commodore, WHY the Amiga is such a
good tool for connecting to the Internet, and of course multitudinous plugs
for Direct Software!

Please bear in mind that if there is a good response to the first few
shows, then it will definitely become a regular feature.  It's up to you!

You can get to the home page for "The Computer Channel" from, although they don't appear to have much
in terms of Amiga stuff yet.