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BattleDuel V1.6.80


Jochen Terstiege <>
Michael David <>
Marco Seine


BattleDuel is a game like 'Artillery Duel' on the C-64:

Two players fight against each other with cannons placed in a windy
mountainous landscape.  To hit the other they change the power and angle of
the cannons.  A duel is finished if one of the cannons is totally damaged.

Some features:

- up to 4 players
- computer opponents
- normal duel mode, 2 tournament modes, practice mode
- ECS/AGA/GraphicBoard support (only one program)
- network support: parnet, nullmodem, modem and TCP/IP
- nice graphics and sound effects
- full multitasking
- OS friendly
- support for public screens


- four new weapons: parachute, energy flash, rocket, bomber
- cannons can be repaired
- new backgrounds: desert and winter
- different copperlists
- new animations: camel, weapons
- optimised nullmodem and modem network modes
- Parnet/Pronet network mode
- stronger computer opponents
- enhanced keyboard control
- highscore contains now 100 entries
- sound module is located in fast-memory (less chip-memory usage)
- BD: assign is not necessary anymore
- support for environment variable KEYPATH
- some cheats and gags


- Kickstart 2.0
- Hard disk
- 1MB chip memory

- flicker-fixer or multisync monitor recommended



Shareware fee of $15 US / DM 20


BattleDuel is Shareware!
Copyright (C) 1997 Jochen Terstiege, Michael David, Marco Seine