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  Amiga-CLISP binary and source


  based on CLISP-1995-05-30 source


  Bruno Haible and Michael Stoll.
  Amiga-port by Joerg Hoehle <>


CLISP is an implementation of Common Lisp.  Common Lisp is a convential
programming language and an AI language.  It is interactive.  It has
automatic garbage collection and can protect resources (e.g.  free them
even in case a computation is aborted with an error).  Common Lisp programs
are easy to test (interactive), easy to maintain (depending on programming
style) and portable (there is a standard for the language and the library

CLISP needs just 2 MB of memory (it will allocate more for large
applications) and implements 99% of the CLtL1 standard, as well as some
extensions and a large part of the CLtL2 standard.  CLISP contains an
interpreter and a compiler, CLOS, a small ARexx interface and a foreign
function interface with which to call any function from almost any shared
library.  CLISP is safe to use, for any integer, array, string etc.
manipulation is checked: your application won't write past a string,
overflow an integer or dereference a NULL pointer, generating Enforcer


Amiga foreign function interface (AFFI)
CLtL2 logical pathnames
CLtL2 LOOP macro
SCREEN package for (K)CON: cursor control
-wide version that works with VMM
optimized -00 version for 68000 processors


Since this release, Amiga-CLISP requires at least OS 2.04.


Main CLISP site and it's Amiga subdirectory:

The author's Amiga-CLISP Home Page and directory:

In the dev/lang/ subdirectory of Aminet, for example:


Amiga-CLISP is and has always been free software.


Slightly modified GNU Public License

   Joerg Hoehle.
Author of Amiga-CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
Maintainer of fifolib, shared library and FIFO: DOS-handler