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  Citadel 68K Freeware BBS Program




  Tony Preston,



Citadel is a multi-platform BBS program.  There is support for the IBM,
Atari, and Amiga platforms.  This announcement concerns the Amiga version
of Citadel, Citadel 68K.  It is a room based BBS program with many features
not found in even the best commercial bbs programs.  It is 100% free and
sources are available.

A Room based BBS has rooms instead of message conferences.  The users carry
on conversations in the room.  A room is very much like a thread in other
BBS programs, it has a subject and messages related to the subject.

Citadel allows the many options.  The Sysop can configure what privileges a
user has, what characteristics a room has, and even what text will be used
for most messages.  It is flexible and since it is multi-platform, it is
networking compatible with the other Citadel platforms.

If your planing of starting a BBS, Citadel is the perfect way!  It can be
setup with virtually no cost!


This version has several bug fixes, see the update file in the archive.  
There are some new utilities to make it easier to do long distance
networking via internet email using Danny Wong's AirMail utility.


A Citadel 68K has been configured and ran from a system as small as a 512K
A500 with 2 floppies.  Obviously, this limits what optional features that
are available.  The recommended configuration is 2 MB memory or more plus
20 MB HD space.  Citadel requires 8192 of stack space.

The Citadel BBS package has many optional features.  These are packaged as
separate archives.  You many want to get all these packages.

    Cit_Arc_7A01.lha       External archiver support
    Cit_Util_7A01.lha      Utilities for offline maint.
    it_exec_7A01.lha     **Citadel BBS and Configuration program
    cit_src_7A01.lha       Complete Citadel and Utilties Source
    cit_src_7A01.lha     **Documentation
    Cit_XPR_7A01.lha       External up/download protocol support files
    in addition you might want to grab the file:
    devhandl.lha           Door device handler

       ** required files to startup a bbs
    One last requirement...  time...:)


Available from any Aminet site such as:*7A01.lha

The latest version can always be downloaded from:

 The Amiga Zone BBS  (609) 953-8159

Special arrangements can be made to send you a set of disks with all the
Citadel archives.  There will be a small charge for postage and handling.




Citadel is released as a copyrighted FREEWARE program.  Source and
executable are available at no charge.  No charge may be made to distribute
Citadel and no system may copyright any part of Citadel.  A nominal charge
for disk duplication may be made so long as only the duplication costs are
charged.  Permission is given to Aminet and Fred Fish to include Citadel
archives in their distributions.  Anyone else wishing to distribute Citadel
or Citadel files in any commercial distribution or fashion must contact the
author for permission.


Citadel 68K Copyrighted 1997 Custom Services.  All rights reserved. 
Warranty: 30 seconds, 30 feet whichever comes first...:)

Support for the budding sysop can be found on any of the following BBS
systems.  These systems are those which are actively networking with other
Citadel.  To get help, you should post messages in the Citadel 68K,
CitaNews, or Sysop Only rooms asking your questions or send email to

   Tony Preston@The Amiga Zone.NJ    (Citadel Domain Mail)             (internet email)
   Tony Preston, In mail on The Amiga Zone BBS (609) 953-8159