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                           News & Press Releases

 Blizzard 603e PowerPC Board  Phase5 announces A1200 PPC

 CyberStorm 604e PPC Board    Phase5 announces A3000/4000 PPC

    World Of Amiga Show       The WOA UK is back!

         Amiga Myst           ClickBOOM to bring us Amiga Myst!

   Amiga Legacy Magazine      An Amiga magazine for your TV!

   Chips With Everything      A new British TV show about the Amiga

   Amiga Enforcer V37.70      New!  Source code also for sale!

     Citadel 68K v7A01        New version of the multiplatform BBS

     Informer Issue #6        A new Informer hits the "stands"

       ShowIcon V2.0          Low overhead icon viewer

    Amiga Browser Watch       A new service of AmiCrawler

   Browser Study Results      AmiCrawler's usage statistics

       F1GP-Ed v3.30          The new version of the F1GP customizer

   Almathera Shuts Down       Almathera's doors close

 Quasar And French Problems   Piracy in France causes serious problems

      ImageFX Seminars        You, too, can have your very own

     CD Library System        Very professional software for the Amiga

         X-DVE 2.70           Video animation package

       fMSX Amiga 1.3         The latest MSX emulator version

         AROS V1.7            The Amiga Replacement OS

         AROS V1.10  update to the above

  Arthur Wilkins Software     AdPro and Movieshop operators

        MPMorph v4.5          24-bit morph creation

        Amiga-CLISP           A CLISP implementation

     BattleDuel V1.6.80       Shareware Artillery Duel clone

       iX-Guide 0.6d          A would-be AmigaGuide replacement

    dignet.library v2.2       Serial network handling for programmers

    Developer Conference      To be held at WOA UK

       Phonebill v3.5         Analyze phone bill logs

          Divecalc            Diving competition management

 Games Master System V0.5B    A game creation package

        AmiNET Query          In full text

      NetResearch Book        The latest from Dan Barrett

   REBOL Reference Manual     Sassenrath's first visible reference

          VWM v1.2            Window management system

     POWER Recent v4.00       Quick usage of Aminet RECENT

          RO v1.25            Directory management with MUI

      ToolManager v3.0        Powerful WB tool organizer

      Executive v2.10         Task scheduling system

       AmigaBase v2.4         Programmable database software

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