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                               Reader Mail

From: Bob Cosby

With all the waiting and hoping regarding the sale of the rights to the
Amiga I can report at least one small beam of light: I called QuikPak with
a minor question via email and got an -immediate- reply via email that was
friendly and helpful.  My thanx to Jennifer Witt-Conklin of QuikPak.  I
work as a technical rep and it's great to run into other orginizations that
respond.  I think this may bode well if QuikPak is successful.

Bob Cosby

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From: Mike Fischer <>
Subject: Re: AR 5.02


My deepest gratitude to you for publishing the Amiga Report and
distributing via e-mail; the journalistic quality is absolutely top notch.
I hope you profit greatly from your involvement with the Amiga.  You have
given so much of such great value to this community.

I seem to be receiving duplicate copies of the Amiga Report Magazine.  Back
in December, I had missed an issue or two, so I resubscribed, and since
then I've been receiving two copies.  I can't find any difference in the
headers, but I have included them below in case they may some help to you.

This is not any problem to me, but in the interest of conserving net
bandwidth, and keeping your distribution list no longer than necessary, I
am offering this information.

Thanks again for a very fine publication.

Best regards,

Mike Fischer

    - Well, the bad news is that I couldn't track down the duplicate copy
      problem, but it's a nice letter anyway. :)  -Jason

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From: Wolfgang "G.Wettach" <>
Subject: Re: Just Use It!

[In reference to David Prime's opinion piece in ar502: ]

Hi David,

I've read your lines in AmigaReport and just couldn't agree more.  I use
the Amiga for a large Fantasy-Project called MYRA (based on a noncommercial
Play-by-Mail game) and there is no computer like it for this - for the
Amiga we have several small programs, quiz, educational and AmigaGuides,
for the PC we have only unfinished projects...  ;-) Even our Myra-Support
Mailbox runs on an Amiga and with MME (Multimedia) we will do some small
Presentations in the near future.  And the Amiga does it all, since 1985...

I'm earning my money on the Amiga with translations.  I don't care if it's
for University lectures or for the Macintosh, as long as I can do them on
my Amiga in my home or office.  Only when I translate for the ATO, the
Amiga Translators' Organzation, the prizes get a lot lower...  ;-) We at
ATO will do our part to keep the Amiga-future user-friendly by translating
pOS as we do with Amiga-software for some time now.

So the Amiga is there - Just Use It!


Wolfgang G. Wettach (WGW),