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What's The Informer?  The Amiga Informer (ISSN 1089-4616) is a B&W Amiga
print Zine full of information and contacts that help readers stay
connected with new developments and products.  It features reviews,
interviews, announcements, contacts and news.  The Informer's staff are all
committed and passionate Amiga users, and are proud to produce the entire
newsletter using only Amiga computers.  Issue 6, our latest issue,
represents our first full year of production.  During this year we have
grown from an 8 page newsletter, to a 24 page mini magazine. 

The Informer offers readers concise, capsulated information that is easy to
read and quickly digested.  We fill every space of our Zine with content
and don't run oversized screen shots or needless fluff.  Where ever
possible, we provide readers with Email addresses, BBS listings, Web Page
URL's, and phone and FAX numbers to help you communicate with dealers,
developers and Amiga services. 

The Amiga Informer currently has a circulation of 5000, distributed
directly to active Amiga users bimonthly.  We are growing, not shrinking,
and plan to ad content rich article and columns as we grow.  We want
developers to be part of our publication and encourage them to send us
review products, announcements, company profiles and interviews.  In this
way, The Amiga Informer can bring both users and developers together and
fill the void of Amiga information.

The Informer is printed 6 times a year and subscriptions costs are: 
US $14 to USA subscribers; 
US $16 to Canadian subscribers; 
and US $21 to all other subscribers.  
In addition to receiving The Informer, subscribers gain these special
benefits: * You are automatically entered into our bimonthly prize drawings
for cool Amiga prizes.  Note: Prize drawings are of course open to anyone
as detailed in every issue and on our web site.  Just send your name,
address, phone number, email address and the date to the below ad- dress
and you will be entered. 
* You can advertise your used Amiga products for free in the Market place
(seen by over 5000 readers). 
* As a subscriber, you gain a special 10% discount when you purchase any
products from Liage International. 
* If you have an Email address, you will automatically be sent the latest
news, courtesy of Amiga Update Newsletter.

Visit our web site for more information on The Informer, or you can call us
at 1-914-566-4665 to subscribe by credit card.  You can also download a
subscription form from our web site or you can email and request the same

Our mission at The Informer is to provide an accurate and reliable resource
of information pertaining to all things Amiga, and to connect readers
with developers, their products and the Amiga community at large.  We
look forward to hearing from you, and hope you will give us a try. 

Stay connected--stay informed,

Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer Zine
PO Box 21
Newburgh, NY 12551-0021

"We Aim To Inform"