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"Today is V Day"

Voyager-NG WWW browser prerelease

*** The next generation of Amiga Web browser has arrived ***

This is a preliminary release which brings this fantastic new Web browser
to the Amiga community and allows Voyager-NG to benefit from the largest
testing base possible.  With your help Voyager-NG can be rendered faultless
on the largest possible range of Amiga set-ups.

Due to the above, Voyager is currently updated frequently.

To obtain the archive

via WWW:
via FTP:, /pub/voyager/
 , /pub/voyager/ ***
via EMail: mail to <>
           put "SEND VOYAGER" in the mail body

*** Please try this site, main Vapor site is under considerable load.

The full archive in LZX is 612 kbytes in size.

Updates will appear there regularly.  Updates are also announced on the
Voyager mailing list.  If you are not on it yet, you are encouraged to
subscribe.  Mail to <> and put "ADD" in the body
of the mail.  Put "HELP" there to obtain a complete description on how to
use the mail server.  The mailing list is also a good place to discuss
enhancement suggestions.

Major changes to Voyager since Version 1.0:

Supports Frames as introduced by Netscape 2.x

 Uses internal image decoding routines. Visually incremental
  on-the-fly image decoding, leaving the program operational
  during decode. No more hassle with datatypes related bugs.
  Optimized memory usage. The routines are optimized for speed
  and are very fast. Full support of CyberGFX HiColor/TrueColor
  screens and compatibles.

 Supports HTML tables. Many more HTML commands 
  and Netscapism's are understood (including FONT SIZE and
  HR WIDTH). Improved general compatibility with broken
  and nonstandard HTML code.

 Supports versatile plugin interface for third-party
  extensions to the browser.

 Shipped with a handy split-screen web search engine plugin.

 Supports T/TCP "TCP for Transactions" requests,
  allowing for much faster establishment of HTTP links
  to servers. This is currently supported by
  Miami 1.9.x beta versions only. Specified
  in RFC 1644, as far as we know, Voyager is the
  first browser on any platform to support this!

 Totally reworked preference setting. The transfer anim is 
  now configurable, too.

 New so-called 'local' menus which pop up over links and
  images offering options such as opening in new window,
  copying URL to clipboard, downloading to disk or adding
  URL to bookmarks. Local menus also function for Frames by
  offering full window viewing, saving Frame and viewing
  Frame source.

 Supports Shift & Click downloading of files even from
  servers with broken configuration which state
  that binary data is of type "text/plain". This
  happens frequently with .lha and .lzx files,
  because these suffixes are missing in many
  http server example mime.types files.

 Added internal SMTP (E-mail) send capability. Now also
  supports mailto: links and mailto: Forms.

 Improved news handling.

 'LED' transfer status display additionally shows
  stalled transfers. (Well I thought it was neat)

 Many minor enhancements, and of course
  All The Popular Bugs were fixed, too.

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