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Austex Software, the developers of Uropa² - "The Ulterior Colony", are
pleased to announce that the game will now be published commercial.

The game was originally released as a 'Shareware/Registration' onto Aminet
at the end of 1996 as we thought this was the cheapest way to offer the
game to Amiga game players and show our support of the Amiga community.

After recent discussions with Vulcan Software Limited we have realised that
having software commercially Published provides greater support to the
Amiga community in general.  In this manner we are providing support to
other commercial enterprises such as Amiga Magazines, Amiga retailers and
Amiga distributers.  This of course helps keep the Amiga market alive.

The game will be added to Vulcans MiniSeries range which delivers high
quality commercial software at a lower price to the purchaser.  Uropa² will
undergo some slight modifications and enhancements and soon be available in
Amiga retail stores around the world and via mail order from Vulcan
Software Limited. 

As Uropa² is no longer available as a shareware product we ask those that
have seen the game and intend to register to please now purchase the
commercial product through Vulcan Software Limited when it is released. 
You can keep up to date with it's progress from the Vulcan Software Web
page at

Austex Software would like to thank those people who have supported us so
far by way of registrations and by the many email letters of compliments we
have received.

We remain committed to the Amiga computer while there are still people
using it and advocating for it.

Paul Goulding & Stephen Smith
Austex Software.