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Just a note to remind anyone interested that now is a good time to send in
your product announcements, press releases and advertise- ment requests to
The Amiga Informer. 

Our next issue (#7) will be available in early April.  Space in The
Informer is limited.  If you have an announcement you would like printed,
get it to us as soon as possible to assure it's inclusion.  As always, we
will include all submissions on a fist come, first served basis.  All
submissions should be submitted by Email if at all possible.

In addition, those who are interested in advertising their product in The
Informer should contact us with your commitment.  You will need to reserve
your ad space early because we sell out quickly and space availability is
again limited.

If you have any questions about advertising requirements, announcements or
any other inquiries, please contact us.  We will be glad to help.


Fletcher Haug, Editor
PO Box 21
Newburgh, NY 12551-0021

"We Aim To Inform"