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    Andreas Maschke
    Zenkerstraße 5
    06108 Halle/Saale

    EMail: epgbc@cluster1.urz.Uni-Halle.DE


Wildfire is not only another brandnew image-processing-program - it's a
professional animation-processor with some really new concepts.

It allows you for example the creation and processing of animations in
several formats, the generation of time-dependant special-effects and the
design of large projects containing several animations and
frame-synchronized sound-effects.

Because the common animation-formats on the Amiga have too many lacks or
restrictions we have tried to create a better one: YAFA.  This
animation-format for example features many compression-methods and

One of the outstanding features of Wildfire is the fact that it makes for
you no difference if you apply changes to a whole animation or if you
process only one image.  A single image is only a very special case of an

In contrary to common image-processors you can use envelopes instead of
plain numbers as effect-parameters.  This makes the easy creation of
time-dependant special-effects possible.  So you haven't to fight against
the "do"-loops in an ARexx-script to get an animation outside your
image-processor anymore.

All of the numerous effects can be arranged in any number and combination.
Because the output of any of these effects can be one of the 8
tempory-buffers Wildfire allows you to PROGRAM IMAGES in an comfortable

Main Features:

  -fast and comfortable Converter:
    input:  YAFA, ANIM5/7/8, mpeg, image-sequences
    output: YAFA, ANIM5/7/8, image-sequences

  -Preview for almost any operation

  -Project-Editor which allows the creation of large and complicated
   projects easily using the mouse

  -Effect-Generator featuring time-dependant parameters via envelopes

  -a stunning library of effect-PlugIns

  -some really new effects, real 3D-effects

  -(un)loading of PlugIns at any time



  -Transition-Maker for easy creation of transitions between two animations

  -easy-to-use Player-interface

  -Filmstrips to simplify the perfect timimg of huge projects

  -AnimInfo-function displaying size-profiles etc.

  -fontsensitive GUI without MUI

  -internal gadget-toolbox which handles mathematical expressions
   instead of only plain numbers

  -calculator which allows for example the export of user-defined symbols
   to the gadgets in the whole-program

  -Drag&Go (using drag.gadget 0.2 Copyright © 1996 Jörg Kollmann, see bonus

  -ARexx-port with about 400 commands

  -macros, custom-windows, docks

  -import of images from other programs

  -Developer-Kit (with working example) which allows you to create your own

  -and many more


-MC68020 or higher
-AGA chipset
-2 MB Fast
-recommended: FastRAM, HardDisk

-AmigaOS V39 (3.0) or higher


    Available via FTP from Aminet sites.


    The unregistered version is fully functional, but will eat some memory
    and so you can work only for a limited time.

    Registration fee is 50 DM or 40 US-$.


    Unregistered copies are freely distributable.

    Wildfire (C) WK-Artworks 1995-1997