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PRESS RELEASE - AMIGA Show in Scandinavia

Stockholm, Sweden 97.01.27 - AmiTech '97 is the name of this year's largest
Amiga convention in Scandinavia.  The show is designed to be a fresh
kick-back and inspiration to the users and dealers of our favorite
computer, the Amiga!

The show is organised by AUGS (Amiga User Group of Sweden) and SUGA
(Swedish User Group of Amiga) with our main sponsor; Distribution 4, the
new but already leading Amiga computer and perhiperals distributor of
Scandinavia.  Working with the group is the two Swedish Amiga magazines,
SAM and Amigainfo.

Date and hours:  
Friday     25th of April 1997    10:00-18:00
Saturday   26th of April 1997    10:00-18:00
Sunday     27th of April 1997    10:00-17:00

Admittance:  50 kr (~7 usd)

The show will take place in Wasahallarna, at the Royal Djurgarden in
central Stockholm.  The space for is devided on two floors and produce a
total of 1500 square meters (ca 5000 sqfeet).

A Website us up and running with current information, seminare schedules,
competitions and maps to the show.  Please visit: More information on attending companies and
persons will be available.

Companies and developers interested in exhibiting and/or seminares may
contact Distribution 4 at the below address or email.

Welcome to the show!

/The team working on AmiTech -97.

General email and questions to:
Business, companies and developers:

Distribution 4
Att: Riku Bergkvist
Svartbacksgatan 41
753 32  Uppsala

Tel: +46-(0)18-12 40 09     Fax: +46-(0)18-10 06 50