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Awesome new ZX emulator: SPECULATOR 97

There are lots of Amiga Spectrum emulators, but this is a really good one
especially if you're a former Spectrum user or programmer.  Apologies to
some US readers who may not know what a Spectrum is.  I guess it's a
European thing (mainly).  Actually it's a few million Euro things, and a
few hundred thousand Timex variants sold in the States, back in the 1980s.
There are still about twenty Spectrum publishers in the UK, and many more
across Europe.  But what of this emulator?

William James's Speculator 97 is on the Aminet now, in the misc/emu
directory.  Earlier versions appeared on several UK magazine cover disks
last year, but this (1.04) is the first release to Aminet, and considerably
tidier and more complete than the earlier ones.

The following details are taken from the Aminet readme file.  The full
archive is a 378K packed LHA which expands to about 860K.


Speculator 97 is the 1997 version of a fast Spectrum emulator written in
the UK, updating the version originally released on Amiga Format and Amiga
User International cover-disks late last year.  It has many advantages over
earlier Amiga Spectrum emulators.  It is shareware but has no operational

o  Speculator is Amiga O/S friendly and runs on all versions of the 680X0.
o  Over 100K documentation in AmigaGuide format, plus extra
o  The Workbench 2.0/3.0 environment and AGA mode promotion is well
o  Snapshot files in six different formats are supported transparently.
o  Support for ALL the standard Amiga keys as well as the main 40 Spectrum
o  Spectrum ROM routines rewritten in 68K code for increased system speed.
o  ROM extensions - CAT command and full BASIC file handling implemented.
o  High Resolution display of menus and requesters, with mode promotion.
o  Integrated utilities such as labelling Z80 Disassembler and screen to IFF
o  High speed, efficient Z80 emulation engine and optimised screen handling.
o  ZA80 cross-assembler included for developing Z80 assembler programs.
o  Speculator can be used transparently through project icons for snapshot
o  LPRINT, LLIST and output to stream #3 is re-directed to any Amiga device
   or file.
o  Spectrum disk handler supplied for using MGT disks just like real Amiga
o  Optional built in 'Easy Keys' feature to overcome keyword entry problems.
o  Lots of *legal* example programs including BetaBASIC3, AstroBall and
o  Cassette loading supported with a very simple cable for all Amigas.
o  Supports serial transfers to and from real Spectrums.
o  Automated Hard disk installation for both emulator and ZX disk handler.
o  Startup icon allows easy use direct from a CD or any sub-directory.
o  Supplied with an Amiga-compatible Spectrum-style ZX8 font.
o  Compatible with ZX_Datatype 39.1 by Edward Vermuelen.

Please send comments and suggestions to the author William James: