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UltraAccounts 3.5


Richard Smedley
PO Box 59
NG17 3HP


An intuitive & easy-to-use accounts program, specially designed to be
suitable for non-computer-users as well as experts.

Features include:

- Multiple accounts & transaction tags.

- Compatible with UltraPayAdvice, for taking care of all your
  payslips. (Aminet: biz/misc/ultrapay.lha)

- Debit & credit standing orders, and timed transfers. The
  transactions entered by these timed events can be edited or
  erased *without* duplicate entries being created.

- Budgeting facilities.

- Common transactions & transfers: These let you predefine the
  details of commonly-used transactions and transfers (eg. doing
  the weekly shopping) to save you from having to keep typing in
  exactly the same details each time you enter that transaction.

- Reminders: Make sure that you don't miss any important events
  like birthdays/anniversaries, or bills that need paying.

- Pie, bar and line graphs, with optional future projections.

- Encrypted files, optionally password protected.

- Multiple data export configurations.


- Numerous further improvements to the GUI. Among other things,
  all the windows now use consistent OK/Erase/Cancel buttons.

- Added a "balances" option to the bar & line graphs.

- Added a search option to the Show/Transactions window.

- Export formats & wage categories can now be erased!

- Unsaved data is now flagged properly.

- Various bug fixes & enhancements.


- Requires: AmigaOS 2.0, 2 meg ram, reqtools.library (supplied)

- Recommended: AmigaOS 3.0, hard drive, additional memory


Available via FTP from Aminet sites.
(155415 bytes)


The unregistered version is fully functional, but will display
shareware reminders from time to time.

Standard registration fee is 10 Pounds Sterling (or equivalent)


Shareware, unregistered copies are freely distributable.

UltraAccounts is (C) Richard Smedley 1997