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Sagittarius Software - New Amiga software dealer in the United States

Specializing in affordable and enjoyable Amiga programming, Sagittarius
Software has brought the complete line of Vulcan and 5th Dimension software
to the U.S.  market.  There is no longer the need to send money overseas to
obtain these titles; our retail prices are cheaper than direct order, and
our delivery rates are faster and cheaper because of our location in the

All of the following titles are available now.

Artistix                    $ 8.99
Belle's Paint               $10.79
BlobZ  (AGA)                $24.99
Bograts (AGA)               $24.99
Burnout (AGA + 6MB RAM)     $35.99
Hillsea Lido                $24.99
Illusions                   $ 8.99
JETPilot                    $31.50
Morton Strikes Back         $ 9.50
Morton Strikes Back AGA     $12.50
Timekeepers                 $24.99
Timekeepers Expansion Disk  $13.99
Tiny Troops                 $32.99
Valhalla III                $32.99
World Golf                  $24.99

We also carry the full line of 5th Dimension Licenceware with prices:

1 disk title - $ 6.50
2 disk title - $ 8.00
3 disk title - $ 9.00

Our products can be ordered online, by mail, by FAX, or by telephone 
(Mail orders, please add $2.50 to total bill for shipping)

Checks, Money Orders, MC, VISA, and Discover are accepted methods of

Sagittarius Software
1706 Canton Road
Akron, OH  44312

FAX   : +1 330 794 2170 (10am - 6pm EST Mon-Sat)