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National Amiga
111 Waterloo St. #101
London, Ontario
P: (519) 858-8760
F: (519) 858-8762


National Amiga and MicroBit Research have come up with a new and innovative
solution that will allow you to use a 104-key PC keyboard with an Amiga
2000/3000 or 4000!

This adapter is small, simple and inexpensive!

We have mapped a PC104 key keyboard to an Amiga keymap by using the Windoze
keys as Amiga keys.  We have also created some extra special keyboard
functions to make using your Amiga easier.

These new features include:

   Left Amiga-m to switch between screens.
   Left Amiga-n to take you back to WorkBench.
   Left Amiga-v for OK
   Left Amiga-b for CANCEL

At a suggested retail price of only $39CAD, it's easy to upgrade your
keyboard today!

For more information on the Insert104, hit our website at to place your order.