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Conk - A game construction set.


0.90 (Beta test version)


42 South (Ben Campbell, Grant Young, Paul Atkin)



Conk is a standalone game creation package.  It is very versatile and can
be used to make up 2D games in many styles - Horizontal scrolly shootemups,
maze games, Defender-style blasters, Asteroids-style games, Robotron-style
games, Platform games and many others.

- Paint program and background map editor included
- Editor programs are very system-friendly
- Games take over the display hardware, but otherwise leave the
  operating system intact (ie multitasking still goes)
- Fully hard drive installable
- Multiplayer game support
- Game files are cached - no unnecessary reloading of levels
- Play between-level IFF Anims
- Tracker music modules supported
- Support for IFF 8SVX and raw sound data
- Games can have virtually unlimited horizontal scrolling,
  limited vertical scrolling or may get rid of scrolling
  altogether and use an IFF picture (ILBM) as a backdrop.
- Any Amiga system can be targeted (Kickstart 2.0+ is required
  in this beta release, later versions will run on 1.3). You
  can make up games for standard 68000 machines, or go for a
  _serious_ game needing lots of memory, disk space and
  processor grunt. You are not limited by artificial
- Produced games are stand-alone, and no restrictions are placed
  upon their distribution.
- AGA supported (but not required)


Amiga OS 2.0 (or higher) required.
"asl.library" from Amiga OS 2.1 (or higher) required.  This will not be
needed in the next release.

For making up games, the preferred system would have a hard drive, at least
two megs of memory and a faster processor.  A standard Amiga 1200 or
accelerated 500 is nice.


Conk is available either by FTP:

or by the WWW at:

ConkA.lha - Conk editor programs (319 Kb)
ConkB.lha - Demo games (274 Kb)


Beta version: Free!
Final release: To be announced.


Version 0.90 (Beta) is NOT for redistribution.

Copyright 1996 by 42 South.