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Cloanto has completed new Amiga software support sections on its web site
( and on Aminet (biz/cloan).

The Cloanto Web Workbench, which continues to surprise many users with its
familiar look and feel, contains software, documentation and other support
material for popular Cloanto packages like Personal Paint.  The Cloanto web
site is hosted on a fully redundant server with multiple T3 and T1 links to
the Internet.  This, combined with the carefully thought-out graphics,
ensures smooth and fast connections to the site.

At the same time, Cloanto is proud to announce that Aminet, one of the
world's largest and best-organized online archives of software, now hosts
Cloanto software and support files in the "biz/cloan" directory.  Through
dozens of Aminet mirrors worldwide, and the Aminet CD-ROM editions,
millions of users of Cloanto software will have better access to important
and useful files such as:

- Scripts and macros
- Input/output modules
- User interface language files
- Fixes and enhancements to released versions
- Demonstration versions of software
- Artwork and sample screens
- Developer documentation
- User contributions

For additional information please visit the Cloanto web site at