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Dimitris C. Keletsekis     Email:


Gui4Cli is a program with which *anyone* can very easily create GUIs.  No
deep programming knowledge, compilers, libraries etc are needed.

With it, you can make GUIs for :
- Customizing your Workbench, launching programs etc.
- Giving a GUI to CLI based programs
- Making GUIs for programs with an AREXX port.

It is a simple interpreted script language (about as simple as AmigaDOS)
which enables you to construct GUIs and with them form command lines which
you can send to AmigaDOS or to AREXX ports of other programs, for
execution.  You can think of it as "Visual-DOS".

It features :
- Multiple, resizable, font-sensitive windows
- GadTools Gadgets and Menus
- The ability to dynamically change the GUIs
- Icons that can be used as buttons, or in menus
- Keyboard shortcuts for gadgets & menus
- Graphics and font commands
- Common window shortcuts
- Colored window backgrounds (pattern or icons)
- Create & use other screens
and much more...

Gui4Cli will stay in memory and load, interpret and run the GUIs you make.
You can run as many GUIs as your memory allows, all from the same instance
of the program.

The program is not disabled in any way and there are full manuals included.

The demos provided (to give you an idea of what you can do), include :

- A caclulator (with memories etc) based on the c:eval
- A "MultiMedia" GUI, which combines GUIs for the
  "ppshow", "sfx" and "proplay" programs into a common
  GUI allowing you play sounds & graphics together.
- A "display" script which will show you files according
  to their type.
- A replacement for the WB "Execute Command" GUI, which
  also allows you to send AREXX commands and change
- A ToolBar (made with icons) providing common shortcuts
  (cut/paste etc) for the "CygnusEd" editor.


At any Aminet site, e.g.: (125k)


OS 2.04+


Freely distributable via CD, Disk, FTP etc.
A shareware fee of either $10, or a really good GUI is suggested.