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NetHack 3.2.1, second Official Amiga Binary Release


This release replaces NH32P1.lha, which will crash if the O command is used
in 32-color mode.  No other changes have been made.

Please state that you are using the second official Amiga binary release.


NetHack is a single player dungeon exploration game in the tradition of


AmigaDOS 1.3, 2.04(or better), 3.1
2M RAM (more is better)
5M Hard disk space (yes, it still can be played on one floppy
 but this is highly discouraged!)


Main repository:

Source is available from the same site.


NetHack is copyrighted and freely redistributable - please see
the license for details.


We have now put the official 3.2.1 version up on our primary ftp site,  I expect that our mirrors will catch up
shortly.  Below, please find a summary of the updates made to the game:

Weapons skills processing is made smarter and centralized in #enhance (and
documented, now that we're mildly happy with it).  Setting options from
within the game has changed drastically, precipitated by a patch from Per
Liboriussen.  Default object class characters can be used as menu
shortcuts.  Menu commands can be mapped on some window-ports.  See the
guidebooks for full details.

Core bugs fixed include crashes due to Medusa's moving after being killed,
weird messages for applying bullwhips after leaving traps, missiles and
tridents not being properly accounted for in weapon skills, and a DLB bug
that caused very slow file access from DJGPP-compiled binaries, along with
many more minor things.

Linux text colors, X11 help files, Amiga tiles outside the main dungeon,
MS-DOS game re-entry after shelling and changing directories, and endgame
entry with MFLOPPY enabled all now work.  We have a suggested workaround
for the HPUX/DGUX + gcc situation that caused the game to hang trying to
create nearly infinite monsters.

68K Macs may now have a chance, now that we've found that the previous
compiler options produced buggy structure copies for that platform. 
Dragging the scrollbar on Macs should work now, but the other window
flakiness inherited from 3.1.3 is still there and probably will continue to
be unless someone who both understands Mac windowing and has time appears
out of the woodwork.

Earlier save and bones files are not compatible with 3.2.1, although the
code should now reject them instead of crashing.

Happy Hacking!

For the NetHack DevTeam...
            Mike Stephenson
For the Amiga NetHack Team...
            Ken Lorber