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AmiWeb2c 2.0


AmiWeb2c 2.0 was created by Andreas Scherer on the basis of
Karl Berry's Web2c 7.0 who collected stuff from Donald E. Knuth,
Oren Patashnik, Tomas G. Rokicki, John D. Hobby, and others.

Please report bugs to the maintainer of AmiWeb2c and not to
these other people, who can't be of any help with the Amiga
(well, except for Tomas Rokicki of course, who started the
whole thing in the first place :-)

Andreas Scherer
Rochusstra=DFe 22-24
52062 Aachen, Germany


AmiWeb2c 2.0 is the native Amiga port of the complete Web2c 7.0
system of UNIX-TeX (except for the xdvi previewer).  Detailed
information is provided in the archive and from common TeX
resources like the CTAN (see below).  As a starter you may
want to check out


AmiWeb2c 2.0 is the successor of my AmiWeb2C (note the capital C)
released in May 1995.  Virtually everything is new and reworked.


I made no attempt in changing the internal settings of any
programs of Web2c 7.0, so you'll need quite a lot of system
resources to run AmiWeb2c 2.0.  Although the binaries can be
run on any processor starting with the 68000, use of an
accelerator board is highly recommended.  At least 4 MB of RAM
are required for the large programs to run.  I never tried any
part of AmiWeb2c 2.0 on version 1.3 of the operating system.


The major resource for TeXnical material is the so-called CTAN.
For me this is (Germany).  More information
about this service is available there.

AmiWeb2c 2.0 will be located in the directory

The same distribution is available on the Aminet in the
text/tex/ directory.


It's free of charge.  In fact, the Web2c 7.0 system is provided
under the GNU General Public License and this should be assumed
for AmiWeb2c 2.0 as well.


There are no restrictions for distributing AmiWeb2c 2.0 in whole
or in parts.  In fact, work is under way to include this Amiga
TeX system on the "TeX Live CD" provided by the "TeX Users
Group" (see  Of course, the
Aminet CD will contain this package as well.