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Fairy Point/M 2.0-#103


Stefan Eggers
Max-Slevogt-Str. 1
51109 Koeln
Federal Republic of Germany


(A point program handles the transfer, reading and writing of email and
news.  Janus is one way to transfer email and news and is very popular in

Another Janus point program for the Amiga.  It was designed to be easy to
use by not overloading it with thousands of features that hardly anybody

The concept is a bit different from that found in other Janus point
programs as it shows the newsgroups list, the contents of the current
newsgroup and the text of the current message at once (each of them in a
separate window) and not one after the other.

At present the program is only available in a German version!

Please keep in mind that this is one of the first Janus versions of this
program.  ARexx integration into the GUI and a killfile were omitted for
now in favor of more debugging and a better GUI.  They will be available

If you have more questions send them to:


Since 2.0-#100:

- ARexx command set.
- Command line parameters PUBSCREEN and STARTUP.
- Important bug fixes.
- Improved implementation of ANTWORT-AN and DISKUSSION-IN.

From older versions to 2.0-#100:

- Significant changes to the GUI.
- Tree display for the messages.


- a Harddisk is highly recommended
- a Modem with AT command set
- about 1.5 MByte of free RAM
- AmigaOS 2.04 or newer
- AmigaGuide is highly recommended for reading the documentation
- xprzmodem.libary 2.10 or newer


Available on Aminet servers; for example: (173613)

For information how to get it from a German BBS ask the author.


For details read FPointM.REG contained in the archive.


This Program is Copyright (C) 1991-1996 by Stefan Eggers.

The unmodified archive may be freely distributed provided that
there are no surcharges for downloading it from a BBS, not more
than DM 5,- gets charged for a copy on disk and that this version
does not get on a CD-ROM.