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amiCrawler Announces Amiga Search Engine

February 10, 1997 - announced today new features in its full
text, multilingual search engine.  amiSpider allows Amiga users to search
every word on over 3,000 Amiga web pages.

According to David Tiberio, amiCrawler's programmer and webmaster, the main
features of amiSpider are the ease of submitting a site, and its numerous
multilingual capabilities, besides being able to index and find words on
any page submitted.  Using an advanced scoring system, amiSpider displays
results based upon relevency.

Here are many of the new features added to amiSpider this February, as well
as its previous features:

- Multilingual interface, choosing the default language for the 
  user by detecting which country he is in. For example, a visitor
  from Sweden will see an interface in Swedish, including graphics
  tailored for Swedish visitors. Web sites from Sweden will have
  higher relevency, so searching for "user group" will show Swedish
  user groups before groups in other countries.

- Search for more than 3,000 Amiga web sites. With amiSpider
  you will be searching every word on every Amiga page in
  the database.

- Intelligent queries allow more than simplistic "and/or" searches.
  amiSpider permits queries such as "format my hard drive", 
  "lemmings cheats", and "browser plugins". Searching for "newtek"
  will bring up first, and searching for "scala" will
  bring up "" first.

- Results are displayed in a logical, easy to use page, with a maximum 
  of 10 matches per page, including descriptions. Support is available
  for <META> tag descriptions.

- View the most popularly searched sites from our Top 20 list, and 
  view the sites which have breaking news. We search the web every
  day using our spiders, and display which news sites have updated
  information, so that you can find them all in one convenient place.

- Easy site submission; just provide us with your url and your page 
  will be indexed immediately. You can view how your page will appear
  and even check its progress in the queue. Also, we have very liberal
  submission policies. Any page that has Amiga specific information is 
  accepted, including personal home pages of Amiga users. Pages are
  queued and can be viewed by visitors instantly.

- Free banner advertising for any Amiga web site, simply by joining
  the Amiga Web Network, our cooperative advertising network. You can
  have your banner appear on sites such as and!

- Targetted banner advertising, based on user's browser type, 
  operating system type, and geographic location, allowing advertisers
  to make sure that the people who want to see the ads are seeing 
  them. There is no reason for a small dealer to advertise to another
  continent when he could be reaching people within his own country,
  or to display banner ads to people who can't read them.

- Free reciprical link exchange program, by joining our
  new amiCrawler Partners Program. We are now
  compensating Amiga webmasters for promoting our site by providing 
  reciprical links on our "COOL SITES" page. This allows you to 
  receive free promotion for your site simply by linking to the 
  Partners Program page.

David Tiberio